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Aktuell aus dem Internationalem Sekretrariat- "Amnesty International"

  • Brazil: Authorities must not let the Pau D’Arco massacre go unpunished
    The Brazilian authorities must solve the killing of 10 land rights activists by military and civil police officers in the city of Pau D’Arco, Amnesty International said today on the one-year anniversary of the massacre. The victims’ families continue to await justice, while the number of people murdered in land conflicts has soared in the past year, with impunity continuing to feed the cycle of violence.

  • Madagascar: Sentence upheld against environmental activist
    In response to the Fianarantsoa Appeal Court’s decision to uphold a two-year suspended jail sentence against environmental human rights defender Raleva for questioning the legality of a Chinese gold mining company’s activities, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa Deprose Muchena said: